The Creation Care Investment & Loan Program

In July 2021, the Cornerstone Fund announced the Creation Care Loan Program at the 33rd General Synod. The Creation Care Loan Program is specifically dedicated to environmental justice efforts and allows us to offer lower subsidized loan rates to UCC affiliates. Our Founding Investors include the National Setting and United Church Funds, the Wisconsin Conference, and CHHSM. Investing in this Creation Care Investment pool will be available to all, including individuals looking for an environmentally conscious investment.

Investors who care deeply about Creation Care and addressing the detrimental effects of climate change can make an impact investment in the UCC Cornerstone Fund. Investors will agree to a 3.00% rate of return on their investment, giving up some short-term gain for an investment that will yield a long-term gain for our planet. These investment funds will then be loaned at 5.00% (for the first $100,000) to churches and other faith-based organizations to fund projects to improve their properties’ environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprints.

Projects that reduce our carbon footprint will be eligible for this loan product

  • Renewable energy installments
  • Building efficiency improvements
  • Environmental care projects

Loan Details

  • Eligible Projects: Projects that reduce our carbon footprint will be considered
  • Loan Type: 3-year adjustable-rate term loan, fixed at 5.00% for 3 years, then adjusted to the prevailing rate with rate adjustments every 5 years; 3 year balloon notes also available
  • Amortizations: 3 through 30 years available
  • Maximum Loan amount: $100,000* (*exceptions may apply)
  • Minimum Loan amount: $10,000
  • Application Fees: None – The only fees that are passed on to borrower are the actual fees incurred in the loan approval and closing process: e.g., title & legal fees
  • Payments: Interest-only payments are available during construction for up to 12 months, after that principal and interest. Automated payments via ACH are required.