Imagine doing something good for the church — and earning a tangible reward for yourself. Not as surprising as it sounds when you invest with the Cornerstone Fund, a unique financial ministry that benefits both the individuals and churches of the UCC.

What is your real name?

susan-chartierYour church’s title is more important than you might think

Does your church have plans to build, expand, or improve its property? There are a few important things to consider before moving forward—things you might not have thought of that, if overlooked, could grind your plans to a halt.

The Cornerstone Fund is fortunate to work with Susan Chartier, General Counsel for Brennan Title Company in Washington DC. An expert on church property, Susan shares her wisdom in this area.

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A lifetime of blessings and ministry

Cover%20Story%20Photo%20-%20Elmo%20Paff%20&%20wifeA retired UCC minister’s inspiring story of faith and service

Meet the Rev. Elmo Paff, 98 years young. He grew up very active in the church, and at an early age knew he was called to ministry. He attended DePaul University and Chicago Theological Seminary, and was ordained a Congregational minister in 1942.

Throughout his ministry, Rev. Paff served eight different Congregational churches, all within his hometown area of Goshen, Indiana. The second church he served was a missionary church, which gave him the opportunity to focus on and engage in missions all over the world.

Rev. Paff shared that although his vocation provide a good living for his family and him, he didn’t have health insurance. He always paid for that out of his own pocket. After he retired, however, he said he heard about the Cornerstone Fund, and it sparked an idea.

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Something for everyone

A Conference expands its facilities, a Conference Minister invests for retirement

Marja_and_JimThe Rev. Dr. Marja L. Coons-Torn says she first became aware of and interested in the Cornerstone Fund when she was Conference Minister for the Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ. She saw what
wonderful things UCC local churches were able to accomplish with the assistance of a loan from the Cornerstone Fund.

In fact, the Penn Central Conference itself borrowed money from the Cornerstone Fund and used it to finance a much-needed renovation to the dining hall of their Hartman Center Camp and Conference Center. This loan helped them to double the size of this building. “Little did I know at the time,” says Marja, “how important the Cornerstone Fund would become for my own retirement plans.

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The Cornerstone Fund Comes Through!

UCC church switches mortgage loan to the Cornerstone Fund after 12 years with another lender

St. John's United Church of Christ in Merton, WisconsinA “win-win” is how Denise Gander, treasurer of St. John’s United Church of Christ in Merton, Wisconsin, describes her church’s current mortgage loan situation with the Cornerstone Fund, with whom they began a relationship in December of 2014. They finally feel confident they’re borrowing from a lender they can trust, who will treat them as a loyal and valuable customer. Additionally, they love that their loan actually supports other UCC projects, including churches in need of financial assistance. Their situation wasn’t always a win-win, and Gander hopes that by sharing their story, other UCC churches experiencing similar problems will consider Cornerstone as a financial solution.

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Cornerstone Loan Leads to Access for All!

Built in 1888, First Congregational Church (UCC) of Colorado Springs occupies the oldest church building in the city still in continuous use by the same congregation.

Over the years, First Congregational Church has added newer buildings to its historic buildings, usually with no thought given to limited mobility access. For over 25 years, said the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Broadbent, the church had identified the need to make its facilities more accessible. In the mid-1990’s, plans had been drawn for an elevator, but due to a lack of funds were not completed.

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Who We Are, What We Do

Save with an Interest Rate Rebate!

If your church borrows from the Cornerstone Fund, the investments of your members and friends could save you up to 1% on loan interest each year! Read more »

Looking to Borrow?

Cornerstone Fund Offers $1,500 toward Closing Costs

If your church is looking for the right loan to finance a building repair, improvement or expansion project, it’s time to talk to the Cornerstone Fund! In addition to good rates and a range of terms designed with churches in mind, the Cornerstone Fund is now offering up to $1,500 toward its already low closing costs. Read more »