Imagine doing something good for the church—and earning a tangible reward for yourself. Not as surprising as it sounds when you participate in the Cornerstone Fund, a unique financial ministry that benefits both the individuals and churches of the United Church of Christ.

Established in 1995, the Cornerstone Fund was created to offer loans to local churches and other organizations related to the United Church of Christ for virtually any property-related projectfrom repairing or remodeling an existing structure to acquiring additional land or building a new sanctuary. Working much like a financial institution, the Cornerstone Fund offers interest-bearing investments to United Church of Christ churches and membersand that principal is used in turn to fund loans to other churches and organizations throughout the denomination.

By participating in the Cornerstone Fund, investors enjoy a competitive rate of return, while ensuring funds are always available to churches seeking to make capital improvements. By borrowing from the Cornerstone Fund, churches sustain a ministry that supports the mission of churches across the country.

Addressing the borrowing needs of local congregations

For years, churches were frustrated when they sought a building loan from the local bank. Uncomfortable with pledges and faith-based budgeting, lending institutions were reluctant to lend to local churches. So plans to update facilities were put on hold for months, even years, and outreach suffered as building enhancements were delayed until enough money could be collected to pay for improvements with cash.

Recognizing the need for a loan resource that would help established local churches keep pace with their building needs, the United Church of Christ created the Cornerstone Fund. At last, churches could repair the roof, install an elevator, expand the sanctuary, or add an education wing. With a loan from the Cornerstone Fund, a church can begin construction quickly, repaying the loan as capital campaign and other contributions are received.

Building ministry across the wider church

To provide loans to local churches, the Cornerstone Fund offers investments to United Church of Christ members, churches and organizationsan array of investment instruments, much like those offered by banks and savings institutions. The big difference, however, is their purpose: investments in the Cornerstone Fund build ministry by providing loans for church buildings.

For more than a decade, individuals and churches across the United States have found Cornerstone Fund investments an ideal way to fulfill their financial goals while supporting the mission of the wider church. From kids to Conferences, investors have earned attractive returns on college savings, Individual Retirement Accounts, endowments, cemetery funds, and more. With an array of maturities and highly competitive rates of return, Cornerstone Fund investments suit almost every financial goal – and enable churches to improve their facilities and expand their ministries.