Your investments help the Cornerstone Fund offer low-cost loans to local United Church of Christ (UCC) congregations and other UCC-affiliated ministries and organizations for projects, including church building purchases and construction; building renovations to improve accessibility or to reduce energy usage; enhanced community impact through affordable housing and/or multi-use property development, among others.

Cornerstone Fund Investment Options

Flexible Demand Account & Flexible Demand Plus Account

Minimum investment: $50
Paying a rate of interest roughly comparable to a money market rate, a Demand Note may be redeemed at any time. The Demand Plus Account pays an even higher interest rate and requires a monthly deposit of at least $100.00 via electronic fund transfer. Click here for current rates.

Term Notes

Minimum investment: $500
A Cornerstone Fund Term Note earns interest at a competitive rate, and may be redeemed at no cost upon maturity. Maturities are available at six months, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year. Early withdrawals may be subject to modest interest penalties. Interest rates are tiered and offer higher interest rates with higher levels of investment. Click here for current rates.

Individual Retirement Account

The Cornerstone Fund offers a range of tax-deferred investment options — from Traditional and Roth IRAs to SEP-IRAs for self-employed individuals — all with no annual fee1! Choose the term you prefer to earn your choice of competitive interest rates. Tax benefits and contribution limits apply depending on your individual circumstances, so be sure to visit and check with your tax professional to choose the account that is appropriate for your unique situation. Note: If you’re investing prior to April 15 for the previous tax year, be sure to allow enough time to complete all paperwork and IRA funding requirements. 

Click here for current rates, or begin an IRA investment application. Cornerstone Fund partners with Goldstar Trust Company to administer the accounting and reporting of your IRA. You will complete an application for the selected IRA with Goldstar Trust once you have selected your investment options.

Investment FAQs

  • Who can invest with the Cornerstone Fund?
    Any person or organization affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC) can invest with the Cornerstone Fund, including individuals young and old, churches, conferences, clubs, committees and more — and feel good about helping to build the church, while enjoying a great rate of return.
  • Why does the Cornerstone Fund offer two types of investments?
    Different investors have different investing needs. Some want as much flexibility as possible, while others are willing to invest for a longer time to earn a higher rate of return. The Cornerstone Fund also offers other investment options, including IRAs and ESAs.

    • Flexible Demand Note
      Our most liquid investment, Flexible Demand Accounts work much like a money market account (though not FDIC insured). While the Cornerstone Fund does not provide checks, investors may access their funds at any time, with no interest penalty.
    • Term Note
      Term Notes are available with investment terms from six months to five years. You may choose to either re-invest your interest or receive a regular check.
  • How do the investments work?
    The investments offered to individuals and UCC-related churches and affiliated ministries organizations by the Cornerstone Fund are used to fund the loans we offer. We only make loans to established churches and ministries who meet our established underwriting guidelines. Your money is put to work building the United Church of Christ, while you earn a competitive rate of return on your investment.
  • Does the Fund invest in the stock market?
    No—we invest solely in loans to churches. Our investors’ money is used to fund loans to established UCC churches that have passed a formal loan approval process. The interest paid by borrowers on their loans, in turn, funds the interest the Cornerstone Fund pays to its investors.
  • Is my investment safe?
    While the Cornerstone Fund does not provide FDIC insurance, we take great care in the selection of our borrowers. In addition to meeting financial criteria, churches who borrow offer their property as collateral—just like a homeowner secures a mortgage with a house. Cornerstone Fund borrowers demonstrate they have the resources to repay their loan, generally through a capital campaign. By doing all we can to ensure our borrowers can repay their loans, we help to ensure our investors’ funds are as safe as possible.
  • What if I need my money?
    If you’ve invested in a Flexible Demand Account, or if your Term Note has matured, just call the Cornerstone Fund at 888-822-3863. We’ll send you an authorization which you can sign and fax back, withdrawing any amount up to the balance in your account. We’ll initiate an electronic transfer and put a check in the mail within two business days, or even overnight your funds for a small fee. If you need to withdraw funds from a Term Note before its maturity, you may be subject to only a modest interest penalty.
  • I’m ready to invest! What do I do now?
    Begin an application or call us at 888-822-3863, and we’ll send you an investment application, our current rates, and an Offering Circular. Simply complete the application and mail it to us with your check, and we’ll send your investment Note to you within a week of receiving your investment. You can also check out our current rates and download our Offering Circular and application now.


1 Cornerstone Fund pays the annual maintenance fee for IRA and related accounts. Transaction fees remain the responsibility of the accountholder