Cover%20Story%20Photo%20-%20Elmo%20Paff%20&%20wifeA retired UCC minister’s inspiring story of faith and service

Meet the Rev. Elmo Paff, 98 years young. He grew up very active in the church, and at an early age knew he was called to ministry. He attended DePaul University and Chicago Theological Seminary, and was ordained a Congregational minister in 1942.

Throughout his ministry, Rev. Paff served eight different Congregational churches, all within his hometown area of Goshen, Indiana. The second church he served was a missionary church, which gave him the opportunity to focus on and engage in missions all over the world.

Rev. Paff shared that although his vocation provide a good living for his family and him, he didn’t have health insurance. He always paid for that out of his own pocket. After he retired, however, he said he heard about the Cornerstone Fund, and it sparked an idea.

“I decided to invest with the Cornerstone Fund so I could indirectly pay for health insurance for my wife and me. I didn’t know of anyone personally who had invested with them, but I figured this could work for me, and it did. It was a great decision!”

He was also pleased to learn that his investment would help fund loans to UCC churches that were planning to make repairs, build an addition, become accessible, refinance an existing loan, and more.

Rev. Paff’s beloved wife passed away over five years ago, but he continues to invest with the Cornerstone Fund, in her memory. He takes comfort in knowing his investments are going toward helping churches. She would want it that way.

Rev. Paff said his relationship with the Cornerstone Fund has always been good. The staff is friendly, caring, and personable, and the services excellent. He’s recommended the Cornerstone Fund to many people, and his children are investors. “I feel the good Lord has taken care of me, so I want to give back to other churches and institutions as long as I can.”

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