A Conference expands its facilities, a Conference Minister invests for retirement

Marja_and_JimThe Rev. Dr. Marja L. Coons-Torn says she first became aware of and interested in the Cornerstone Fund when she was Conference Minister for the Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ. She saw what
wonderful things UCC local churches were able to accomplish with the assistance of a loan from the Cornerstone Fund.

In fact, the Penn Central Conference itself borrowed money from the Cornerstone Fund and used it to finance a much-needed renovation to the dining hall of their Hartman Center Camp and Conference Center. This loan helped them to double the size of this building. “Little did I know at the time,” says Marja, “how important the Cornerstone Fund would become for my own retirement plans.

My husband Jim and I began saving a little money in Cornerstone Fund Term Notes about ten years ago. It wasn’t much—a thousand here, maybe two thousand another time. But eventually, our funds added up to over $30,000, which was enough to make our ten-percent down payment at Fox Run Orchard Park, the retirement community of our dreams!”

Marja and Jim are now retired and living happily in their retirement community in Orchard Park, New York. In April of 2015, they went on a cruise down the Panama Canal (see them enjoying themselves in the photo) and then resumed playing in their bocce league. These busy retirees continue to try to put away a small amount of money in their Cornerstone Fund Demand Account when they can. Marja says that eventually they’ll begin buying Term Notes again, because they still have a lot of travel to fund in the future. Up next is a two-week cruise on the Rhine and Danube Rivers in Germany that’s planned for April 2017.

“It’s a wonderful thing to be able to help churches and get such a competitive rate. And the Cornerstone Fund staff is top of the line,” praises Marja. “They have helped us at every turn. I think very highly of the Cornerstone Fund.”

Whether you’re a church in need of a loan, or an individual who would like to save for a dream, the Cornerstone Fund has something for everyone.