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Cornerstone Notes, Winter 2016
A local church story, welcome message from new President & CEO Maria Coyne, message from the UCC General Minister & President John Dorhauer, and partner in ministry, CHHSM.

Cornerstone Notes, Fall 2016
Process for churches to become “Accessible to All,” partners in protection – Insurance Board, how churches can stay relevant

Cornerstone Notes, Summer 2016
Why your church’s title matters, partner in ministry Pension Boards-United Church of Christ, how to improve your “billboard”

Cornerstone Notes, Spring 2016
Retired UCC minister shares experience with Cornerstone, partner relations with CHHSM, UCC GMP’s new column

Cornerstone Notes, Winter 2015
Conference and Conference Minister share experience with Cornerstone, story behind our logo, welcome Kathy Houston

Cornerstone Notes, Fall 2015
Financial Ministries donate furniture from their space at General Synod to local church, consider an investment ladder

Cornerstone Notes, Summer 2015
UCC church switches to the Cornerstone Fund after years with other lender, what you need to know about church loans

Cornerstone Notes, Spring 2015
Why a UCC pastor chose Cornerstone for his IRA, top reasons to invest and refinance with us

Cornerstone Notes, Fall 2014
Maximizing investments & income and inspiring giving with a narrative budget

Cornerstone Notes, Summer 2014
A young Cornerstone saver and ensuring your church is safe

Cornerstone Notes, Winter 2014
Retirement account options and custodial accounts

Cornerstone Notes, Fall 2013
New loan options, new staff, and borrowing considerations

Cornerstone Notes, Spring 2013
The importance of properly acknowledging contributions, the EcoLoan

Cornerstone Notes, Fall 2012
Questions to consider when thinking of borrowing

Cornerstone Notes, Spring 2012
Refinancing commercial loans, reporting church numbers with a financial dashboard


Borrowing Basics
Church financing with the Cornerstone Fund

The Church Builder Bonus
Invest. Give back. Earn a bonus!

The CHHSM Builder Bonus
CHHSM organizations earn an interest rate bonus for five years

The Financial Dashboard
Communicating church finances clearly and easily

Essential Financial Controls
Policies that protect your church’s funds

Growing Generous Givers
Why pastors should know who gives what

Inspiring Budgets
Connect givers to the mission they value

Maximizing Savings
Using the Demand Account and laddered investments

Higher Rates. More Mission.
New Cornerstone Fund options offer more of what you value!


Invest. Borrow. Learn.
The Cornerstone Fund’s general brochure, with information about investments, loans and Cornerstone Fund seminars and workshops.

Building for the Future
A 16-page booklet about borrowing that offers additional information for potential borrowers.

Print Ads

Your Church’s To-Do List
This is an 8.5″ x 11″ flyer.

Build the Church Poster
This 13″ x 22″ color poster is ideal for posting on a church bulletin board.

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