Who We Are, What We Do

The Cornerstone Fund is a financial institution that serves the United Church of Christ.

We offer short-term fixed rate investments to individuals and UCC churches and organizations, paying an established rate of interest depending on the term the investor selects. Then, we loan out the funds invested with us to established UCC churches and related organizations who are borrowing to make improvements to their building and grounds.

The Cornerstone Fund seeks to protect your investment by making sure our borrowers are well qualified, able to repay their loans on time and in full. We further protect our investors by taking the borrowing church’s property as collateral, much like a home is used as collateral for a mortgage—and we loan no more than 50% of the value of the borrower’s real estate. Investments in the Cornerstone Fund are considered “securities,” similar to investments in the bond market—so investors need to carefully read the prospectus or Offering Circular before investing.

Investments in the Cornerstone Fund help build the church by making sure funds are available to established churches to improve and enhance their properties, which in turn helps to strengthen and expand ministry in communities around the United States.

Call us today at 888-822-3863 to find out how you can earn a competitive rate of return while building the United Church of Christ.