At the Cornerstone Fund, we work with the clergy and members of local churches, associations, conferences, and UCC organizations around the country. And we often find that many folks are uncomfortable when talk turns to finances. So we’ve developed a series of seminars to help lay leaders and pastors become more comfortable in the world of church financial management. Our seminars are available at no charge — you just provide the meeting space and publicity.

Making Friends of Church Numbers

For many pastors and lay leaders, reviewing and managing church financials can create a bit of anxiety. Church financials are just different enough from those of a family that a bit of special understanding can make a critical difference in effective church management. After years of working with pastors and lay leaders around the country, the Cornerstone Fund has created a one-day seminar, Making Friends of Church Numbers, to help non-financial people develop their comfort and skill with church numbers. This seminar covers the basic financial statements — how they’re created and what they tell us, offers a hands-on experience in development of a narrative budget (great for inspiring generosity in your church), and includes a review of policies and procedures that every church should have in place to protect the organization, its people, its building, and its funds. Presented in an engaging and interactive manner, Making Friends of Church Numbers will help equip more women and men to take active roles in the financial lives of their churches, associations and conferences.

Church Numbers for Treasurers

Many women and men accept the role of Treasurer with some trepidation, wanting to be sure their skills are up to the responsibilities of this important post. In addition to covering the material offered in Making Friends of Church Numbers, this seminar addresses issues and tasks particular to church treasurers and financial secretaries —of local churches as well as UCC associations, conferences and organizations — helping them perform their roles with greater confidence and skill.

Budgets that Inspire Giving

When the annual meeting rolls around, the budget for the next year is usually presented as a page of numbers — classic financial documents that cause many an eye to glaze over (except for those keeping a watch on a particular line item!). While traditional, line-item budgets with lots and lots of numbers do little to inspire church members to give to the ministry of the church. So the Cornerstone Fund has developed this short workshop to introduces the narrative budget or Mission Spending Plan. Learn how to re-format your budget to more fully describe your church’s various ministries so that members can see themselves and the programs they value in the church budget. The workshop includes hands-on practice and generates lots of great ideas and conversation.

Policies That Protect

In a church, stewardship means more than giving — stewardship encompasses a range of practices and policies that ensure the safety of the organization, the people, the buildings and the resources. In this workshop, participants review and discuss a range of policies and procedures (with plenty of samples provided) that every church should consider to ensure their ministry remains protected and vital.

Going Green


You want to be more environmentally friendly, but you’re not sure where to begin. Or you have a number of “green” projects in mind, but you’re not sure how the church can pay for them. This workshop offers churches a chance to consider a variety of “green” enhancements — many of which cost nothing (or very little) — and helps participants explore using savings, with optional help from a Going Green loan from the Cornerstone Fund, to achieve their green goals.

Deconstructing the Construction Project

From initial plans to capital campaigns, construction or even remodeling projects can challenge churches and their members. In this seminar, we’ll review the various stages of capital projects, discuss capital campaigns and other fundraising programs, talk about financing options, and answer your questions. After all, we’re in the business of helping churches build for the future!