3_retiredWhether you want to transfer a 401K from a previous employer, open a SEP account for your small business, start an education savings account for a youngster in your life, or open an IRA to take advantage of the annual tax benefit, the Cornerstone Fund can help.

The Cornerstone Fund offers a range of tax-deferred investment options — from traditional and Roth IRAs to SEP-IRAs for self-employed individuals — all with no annual fee1! Choose the term you prefer to earn your choice of competitive interest rates, and our partner Goldstar Trust Company will manage all the required accounting and reporting. Tax benefits and contribution limits apply depending on your individual circumstances, so be sure to visit irs.gov and check with your tax professional to choose the account that
is appropriate for your unique situation.

If you’re investing prior to April 15 for the previous tax year,
be sure to allow enough time to complete all paperwork and IRA funding requirements.

Follow these steps to get started with a new IRA account

1 Download & complete the appropriate Goldstar Trust application Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
2 Download & read the Cornerstone Fund prospectus CF Prospectus
3 Download & complete a Cornerstone Fund application CF Investment
4 Send your completed documents to the Cornerstone Fund, along with a check made payable to Goldstar Trust Company2


Depending on your particular situation, Goldstar Trust may require additional documentation. If time is an issue, the Cornerstone Fund may request you send your application forms and funds directly to Goldstar Trust Company — but be sure to coordinate your application with the Cornerstone Fund in advance!

Once Goldstar has received your funds and opened your account, they will forward a check to the Cornerstone Fund for your IRA investment. The Cornerstone Fund will then open an investment account for you, on the terms you selected when you completed your application. Going forward, you will receive statements and other account documentation from Goldstar Trust.

Transferring funds from another IRA or 401K?

Transfers of 401K and other IRAs are generally not subject to deadlines if the funds are simply moving from one trustee to another. You’ll still need to complete the steps above — opening an account with both Goldstar and the Cornerstone Fund — and you’ll need to complete the appropriate rollover/transfer form —
•  Traditional IRA Transfer/Direct Rollover
•  Roth IRA Transfer

To download forms for SEP accounts, click here to visit the Goldstar site. Want to talk further about opening or transferring an IRA account? Call the Cornerstone Fund at 888-822-3863.

1 Cornerstone Fund pays the annual maintenance fee for IRA and related accounts. Transaction fees remain the responsibility of the accountholder.
2 If time is of the essence, call the Cornerstone Fund as soon as possible during regular business hours.

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The purchase of our securities is subject to risks, which are described in our Offering Circular. We will offer and sell our securities only in states where authorized.
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