If your church borrows from the Cornerstone Fund, the investments of your members and friends could save you up to 1% on loan interest each year!

Investments in the Cornerstone Fund from individuals, churches, and organizations across the UCC build the pool of money that funds Cornerstone Fund loans. When you or your church invest with the Cornerstone Fund, you not only make possible new loans to more churches like yours, you help your own church earn an annual interest rate rebate on its fixed rate loan.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose from a demand account or a range of term investments.
  • Tell the Cornerstone Fund you want your investment to help your church earn an interest rate rebate. We’ll calculate the total amount of investments received from the members, friends and organizations of the church—and for every 25% of your loan balance that is invested, the Cornerstone Fund will rebate .25% of the interest paid—up to 1% each year!
  • Your investment remains confidential—no one in your church will know how much you have invested—and you may add or withdraw funds as you desire according to the terms of your investment.

To continue building your church’s future, earn an attractive return on your own investment, and help other UCC churches just like yours, check out our rates and download our Offering Circular and investment application today!